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Vinicio Ferri (Bracciano, RM – 1967)
– He receives his first diploma in Still & Photo reportage photography in 1986, at the State Institute of Cinematography and TV “R. Rossellini” in Rome.
-He then obtains two degrees, one  in Advertising Photography and one at the European Institute of Design (IED 1987-90) for Black & White printing techniques.
-In 1995 he takes a special class at the Click-Up of the Firenze-Master Moda.
-Two years later, in 1997, he follows the course “The language and Culture of immages” at the Tor Vergata University, in Rome.
-In 1998 he wins a scholarship and participates in the first world training course on the five senses, at the Image University in Milan; a school created and directed by photographer Fabrizio Ferri, with whom he will later collaborate within the same University.
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2009 Bracciano(Rome) at Studio Inimmagine personal exhibit
“The Nature of Coming Back”
2008 Bracciano (Roma), Collective Contemporary art exhibit
“Bracciano in the Art”
2007 “Life & Light 1997/2007”, Bracciano (Roma) | Artbox Gallery
2007  Book “The Nature of Coming Back” by Daria Sanminiatelli, Fermenti edition – Presentation + exhibit of the book’s images, Rome
2005 “Materia Viva”, Collective exhibit at Palazzo San Carluccio,Viterbo
2004 “The Bible”, Collective exhibit, at Galleria Arturarte, Rome
2001 “Festival of two Worlds”, Scene photography, Spoleto
2000 “Daily Ontology – “Rosa’s Rags”, Immagine University, Milan
1998   Mifav, Collettive “Self portraits”, Rome
1998  “Distances”, Bracciano (Rome)
1997  “Wedding invitation in a garden”, Bracciano (Rome)
Photographs and floral decorations in collaboration with the San Liberato Botanical Gardens
1997 “Silence”, Bracciano (Rome)


The shared passion for photography and the experience we have aquired in time are the main ingredients that make our “Creative Photography “ a group. This collaboration first started with photographer Alessandro Zingone and was then followed in 2016 by Antonio Carneroli e Stefano Micozzi. The location is the historical studio that belongs to well known photographer Domenico Costantini.

Photo reportage of events and ceremonies, portraits, photography courses, still life and photo shoot space rental, are a few of the services our studio offers. We are located on Via Romeo Rodriguez Pereira n.12, Rome.