Album / Books

Care and attention in the filming would be useless if not supported by an adequate choice of presentation models, themselves conceived as an extension of the images. The choice is divided between models in classic albums and passe-partout unbound, said Art Book or Box Art, where the images are collected in whole or in part in leather folders or craft boxes, and finally Album Paper in which the prints form directly the pages of the book. Paper, fabric, leather, Plexiglas, leather or eco-friendly materials are a wide range of innovative materials we use and hold the ability to meet every choice and demand. The possibility of finishing and customization are virtually feigned; in our Rome Studio are still present many sample product versions described in these pages, to offer our customers the opportunity to decide with confidence, touching in first hand what we will achieve for them.


L ‘Art Book was born to collect images not as a book to read, but as an old binder archive. The single photograph is enhanced by the portraying of individual passe-partout that being not bound to each other are curated by meticulous work, entirely by hand, with respect to the size and angle of often several shots in one single page. Chosen on the basis of an ever-original “Family Story”, the images presented with this formula mix the different levels of representation between the real, the evocative, descriptive and most of all – the poetic. Not having the restriction of a binded album allows for visions to be customized according to ever-changing moods, nonetheless transmitting enormous emotional impact.

It is ‘possible to find out more about the Art Book by watching this short video that well conveys the concept of pleasure and enjoyment we want to offer the bride and groom with this refined and exclusive processing.

The Art Book is collected in a leather folder called “Primo Fiore” in different colours and sizes (up to 35x50cm) containing 70 unbound tables, on good quality paper, in which the images are framed in passe-partout trimmed by hand. Below – divided by category and / or size – some of the most descriptive images of Art Book already produced and delivered to our customers.


PLEXIGLASS ART: plexiglass container with assembled vacuum 2cm thick walls, completely transparent coming with or without closing panel, contains 70 tables in fine paper 35x33cm passe-partout, fully tailored made. There exists a lighter version, 1cm thick, but its size is standard from 50/60 to accommodate 35x33cm sized boards.

ART BOX (Album + Box)

A single pack combining the classic touch of an album with artistic elegance of the single tables as to form an unbound passe-partout. These are collected in a natural box in paper and fabric with a customised closure cap. The Art Box is made up of about 35 tables and summarizes the most compelling shots of the entire wedding, while the album lends itself instead to a previously seen more descriptive and useful purpose in order to remember each moments, its environments and the faces of the people will lived it with.

50% of the photographs in the Art Box are printed on fine art supports, while the album is printed, usually smaller, on traditional paper. It contains about 30 images in the box and 60/70 images in the album coming in various sizes and colours.


Containers with modern lines and solutions, while respecting the classic binding, making use of innovative materials such as steel and plexiglass to form the home of your album. Album Design is born thanks to the idea of the company “5punto6”: the photography as a vision, space, form, is a photograph to be valued and watched and that requires adequate support to its importance and containers they become an extension of the pictures themselves. The use of a high basis weight sheets allows for clear visions on large formats in pages with one or more photographs.

The album can contain about 120 images in 80 high basis weight paper and Gsk tissues all lined in leather coming in various colors and sizes.

(Soon to design album dedicated photo gallery will be available)