What is the criterion by which you should select a photographer for the wedding?
When choosing a photographer it is important to dwell particularly on the working method that led him/her to results that you most liked. Focusing only on a few photographs, maybe extrapolated at random from several photo shoots, does not guarantee that those images can be repeated.

What is it that guarantees the result?
A constant and repeatable result is due to a personal control of the entire process of the photo shoot. A preparation crafted through the conscious management of every single aspect of the photographic production.
Can you give an example?
The images in which one or more people have their eyes closed. In this case taking at least two or three photographs must be taken and post-produced on each occasion in order to compensate for this defect.

Do you always suggest the reportage style?
Not always, or at least not in all situations that are usually shot during the wedding day; this because on one hand you just do not have the time necessary to wait for the decisive shot, and on the other each location and person has their own photogenic balance. I recommend a balanced mix of suddenly caught images and portraits.

How would you define your style?
In a beautiful book on the life of Cartier-Bresson I found this quote, which I think represents me: “Photography is an immediate operation of the senses and the spirit, is the world translated into visual terms (…). and  ‘at the same time the recognition of a fact in a split second and the rigorous organization of the perceived forms that express and signify that fact. (…) The images or photographs, which I love, are the ones that stand apart by circumstances to make durable over time what is fleeting by humans. One that disappears in the same heartbeat as it appeared.”. This means adhering to the idea that behind every image, every look, there is a deriving history belonging to of all that has happened before. The photograph captures the present time, but it is also a reflection of the past and if at the same time it can also suggest what is going to happen in the future, then it becomes a work of art. A durable, a treasure chest of a memory that has no time.

Are your photographs directly inspired by the history of art?
I can not exactly say; I, however, hold a great passion for these issues and it could not be otherwise seeing the profession I chose. The images that I make are influenced by my entire training (including experiences, I also followed a two-year course tied to the five senses of the Image at the University of Milan), shaping the vision and impact in the look with which I perceive the reality.

What do you think of digital photography instead of film?
Despite my romantic streak I consider digital as an opportunity and not a limit. I say this advisedly, because I have personally printed the photographs in black and white of all my photographic services – from the 90s to 2010 – entirely by hand in the darkroom. That was what I considered my post production. The shot is almost never perfect when you run it, so it’s always been normal to perfect it in the aftermath. This is especially true today – with digital – allowing the photographer to improve his work and adhere to his vision in every single shot.

Do you personally follow the working process in all its stages?
In all the creative phases certainly, at least with regards to the shot itself, the selection of photographs, their post production. In addition to following the customer in person from the moment they entrust me with the task.

Do you also offer photographic services not personally performed by you?
I proposed services are exclusively conducted from the members of our Studio – Creative Photography. It happens to have multiple requests for the same date: where it may then be necessary to produce the photo shoots with one or more employees. For this reason and for some years, I am associated with other imaging professionals, Stefano Micozzi and Antonio  Carneroli, the group Creative Photography. This allows me to propose any customer a diverse list of option allowing the benefit in terms of quality and pricing.

What changes are there to the final result if you’re not the one take the pictures?

Each photographer on our team has competence, curriculum, portfolio and different working methods. In Fotografia Creativa we share principles and philosophy, and hence also the methods, but in terms of sensitivity the vision of each of us is different. This inevitably leads to different results. Council always make sure that the images and characteristics of the chosen service are in line with your needs, evaluating the proposals within the Studio carefully.

Why do you always work accompanied with a second photographer?
I consider it essential to guarantee a high quality result being comprehensive at the same time.

Having two photographers, does not produce an excessive amount of shots?
The number of shots is always high, but it’s sure worth it!

Do you use natural light or flash light?
I definitely prefer natural light, as long as it is adequate to the needs of the individual shots; when necessary I also use the flash or additional sources of illumination (usually LED).

How much time do you spend on posed shots?
It depends on the bride and groom and what they want, I do not have a precise pattern.

Does the scheduled time of the ceremony affect the photographic result?
Certainly it does, both in terms of the overall duration of the event, both with respect to the amount of light available in the different hours of the day. Photography means writing with light, you can imagine how important it is for a great photo shoot. The first thing I look at in a frame is simply the light.

In addition to light, what affects the other aspect of the images?
The expressive mobility, trying to grasp the elements that allow you to make the photogenic subject photographed.

What are your costs?
The value of each photo shoot is the compendium of all stages, the labor force, the time spent, the coverage of business risks. For services with targeted requests (for lead times, type of event, location) we propose a detailed budget in every aspect, elaborated from time to time according to the individual customer. For high-end, including album services, prices vary between € 2,000 and € 3,500 (excluding VAT). For non-exclusive operations, dealt by by the Studio as a whole, including an album and two mini albums, the prices vary between € 1,000 and € 2,000 (excluding VAT).